Files in progress

Below is a list of currently active transfer files, for which Family Business Transmission has been mandated. Feel free to browse through it. If you would like more information, we invite you to download the Teaser and to return to us the non disclosure agreement (NDA) completed and signed. We will then get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Tornacum Project
    Make an offer
    Residential real estate development activity in the city of Tournai
  • Deco
    Around 5x adjusted EbitDA
    Distribution of specific ornamental elements in the BtoBtoC field
  • Copyright
    1,2M € + net cash
    Printing & Reprographics Center / Communication Consulting Agency (documents only available in FR)
  • Van Gogh
    1,8M €
    Company active in Belgium and France in the manufacture and distribution of equipment for painting contractors (documents only available in FR)
  • Diamond
    Make an offer (share or asset deal)
    Production and distribution of precision rotary abrasive tools for the dental industry and other industrial sectors.
  • Infirmi-Dom
    200K € for assets + goodwill
    Home care nursing (documents only available in FR)
  • Shapimmo
    3,6M € (enterprise value)
    Real estate company with 15 housings in the region of Shape - Mons (documents only available in FR)
  • Cars
    1,6M € (entreprise value)
    Ford authorized agent (documents only available in FR)
  • Silk Road
    The sales price will be based on the value of the stock, at the date of closing.
    Design and creation of fabrics for women's ready-to-wear clothes
  • Volt
    1,2M € (share value)
    Electrical installation company (documents only available in FR)
  • X-Ray
    Make an offer
    Radiology Center (documents only available in FR)
  • Berlin
    Make an offer from 250K €
    Rental and sale of high-end tents and accessories for events (documents only available in FR)
  • Quevau Immo
    Real estate complex including warehouses, an office building and land (documents are only available in FR)